FOR SALE - luxury attic 2 bedroom apartment with terrace 171 m2 - prestigious Malvazinky district - Prague

Na Václavce 16,  Smíchov - Praha 5

Elegance and clean lines - this is a new airy attic apartment for a discerning clientele with refined taste.

The functionalist charm of the First Republic is combined with traditional Japanese elements in the interior. The 54 m2 living room with kitchen, bar island, dining area and relaxation area flows freely into the open space on the 24,41 m2 terrace. From here you can enjoy the panoramic view and after dark you will be enchanted by the "planet" Prague.

And how will you feel in this transparent and airy home? On hot nights, natural stone will cool you down. Storms and blizzards will remain a breathtaking backdrop as the flames from the fireplace warm you.

In the bedroom overlooking the green treetops, the lady of the house will find a spacious dressing room. When she craves relaxation, she lays down in the bubble bath. Through the window above the bath, she will look at the sky. Sometimes she'll see dramatic clouds, other times she'll see snowflakes silently drifting down.

Peacock Hill near Malvazinky has always been a place of strength

Na Václavce Street climbs up to the Santoška Garden, which leads you to the Peacock Hill, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Vyšehrad.

This location has always been a powerful attraction for sensitives. During the Second World War, magical units of the SS operated here and nowadays a group of Czech druids organise solstice rituals here.

Václavka Street is an Art Nouveau jewel

Our tenement house No. 16 with a revitalized interior was built in the Geometric Art Nouveau style. The special feature of its facade is an atypical bay window. The entire Na Václavce Street looks like a colonnade lined with the fancy villas of spa guests.

Living here is not only about the sumptuous interior, but also about the energy of the place, which is as cheerful and crystal clear as a mountain stream. We'd be happy to show you around the apartment, and be sure to take the time to walk around the area so you know what treasures await you.

  • FOR SALE: 29 000 000 CZK
  • attic 2 bedroom apartment / 147 m2
  • terrace overlooking the Prague skyline 24,41 m2
  • fully equipped kitchen with bar island
  • bedroom overlooking the treetops
  • storage room, pantry and cellar
  • possibility of renting a parking space in the adjacent street Bieblova

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